Chromebook Not Charging or Turning On

Please follow these steps if the Chromebook does not turn on and doesn't appear to be charging: 

First, check that:

  • The charger cable has no damage and is completely plugged in to both the Chromebook and the wall.
  • The power outlet is working. 

There is typically a LED indicator light near the charging port that will illuminate red or white when the Chromebook is connected to the charger. If there is no light when the Chromebook is connected to the charger, try out the following: 

  1. Test the different ports (for the HP x360 Chromebooks - "flip Chromebook"):  
    • Depending the model of the device, there are multiple ports to connect your charger. Test each port out and see if the light turns on. 
  2. Test out the charger cable: 
    • If possible, test out the charger cable on another device or test a different charger cable on the Chromebook that won't turn on

Otherwise, perform a hard reset on the device: 

  1. While the Chromebook is connected to the charger, hold down the Refresh button ⟳ and tap the Power Button
    • Depending the model of your device, the power button will be located on the top right of the keyboard or the left side of the device (near the ports) 
  2. When your Chromebook starts up, release the Refresh button

If the Chromebook still doesn't turn on, please contact your School for troubleshooting support or submit a support ticket by calling our Help Desk Support Line at 831-782-2272 or submitting a ticket at