Google Classroom Create/Link in Aeries

  1. Login into Aeries with your login credentials
  2. From your Aeries home page, you will see a section called "Class Summary"
  3. At the far right of the section, you will see a button called "add website"
  4. Click on "add website" button  
  5. A new window will open that will allow you to create a Google Classroom or link a Google Classroom
  6. If you have not already created a Google Classroom, click on Create. Aeries will then create a google classroom for you, add your students,  and email you once it is done. To see your Google Classroom, go to
  7. If you have already created a Google Classroom on your own, click the Link button. The name of the Google Classroom will appear in a window. Just click on the name of classroom you want to link, and Aeries will connect your students to that classroom.
  8. That's it. Your Google Classroom is now created.

Here is a short video on how to create or your Google Classroom with Aeries. (you haven't already created one and need one)

Here is a short video on how to link your Google Classroom with Aeries (for those that already created one)

If you have any difficulties with the above try the following:

Check to see if a colleague can assist you.

Submit a Mojo Ticket and a technician will support you

-- Technology Department

_Created on 8/16/21, Created by RO_