Install Dymo Print Driver

Install DYMO Printer Drivers

Perform the following steps to install the DYMO printer drivers:

  1. Log in to Raptor and select Support in the left navigation pane.
  2. Click Go To Downloads. If your district has the Client Portal page enabled, click More Support Resources > Go to Downloads.
  3. Click the Advanced Install Options drop-down and select Install DYMO Printer Drivers.Advanced Install Options_.NET
  4. On the Select Language dialog, click OK. Dymo Select Language
  5. On the Welcome panel, click Next. Dymo Welcome Page_379x311
  6. Read the License Agreement and then click I Agree to continue. Dymo License Agreement_380x312
  7. Accept the default Express Installation type and then click Next. Dymo Installation Type_379x313
  8. If you have other applications running, you must close them and then click Next
    When the installation has completed, click Next. Dymo Application Need to Close Apps_378x311
  9. On the DYMO Label Setup is complete panel, click Finish. Dymo Installing_378x314
  10. If this is a new installation, connect your printer and Windows completes the printer installation. Dymo Finished_380x314

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Install DYMO Printer Drivers

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Created by Robert Ocampo, on 9/13/2022