Install Raptor Hardware Service

Install Raptor Hardware Service

Perform the following procedure to install the Raptor Hardware Service:

1. Log in to Raptor and select Support in the left navigation pane.

2. Click Go To Downloads. If your district has the District Portal page enabled, click More Support Resources > Go to Downloads.

3. Click the Advanced Install Options drop-down and select Install Raptor Hardware Service. Advanced Install Options_.NET

1. On the User Account Control dialog box, click Yes. User Account Control Dialog (1)_326x246

The Raptor Hardware Service and Component Installer launches.

2. Click Next on the Welcome panel. Raptor_HardwareServiceandComponentInstaller1_380x268

3. Review the System Requirements and then click Install. Raptor_Installer_SystemRequirements2_384x267

Any previous version of Raptor that is installed (vSoft or later, Raptor v6 with Hardware Service v1) will be automatically uninstalled. The installer begins installing the software. The progress of the installation is displayed. Raptor_Installer_InstallationInProgress3_381x260

4. Once the installation is complete, click Launch to open the Raptor Hardware Service Manager or click Done. Raptor_Installer_InstallationComplete_379x262

Proceed to Raptor Hardware Service Manager

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Install Raptor Hardware Service

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Created by Robert Ocampo, on 9/13/2022