Setting Up Multi-Factor Authentication in Clever

This article is intended for those that have District access in Clever.

  1. Navigate to our Clever website
  2. Select Log in with Google and sign in with your District provided email address
    • If prompted to Select user, select Log in as a district admin
  3. You will be prompted to set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), select Set up MFA now
    • There are 4 MFA options: Mobile app, Biometrics or security key, Text Message, or Voice Call
  4. Select Voice call and enter in your Desk Phone Number
    • If you have a District provided cell phone number, you may use that number for either voice call or text message set up
  5. You will receive a phone call to the number you provided with a verification code. Type the code into your Clever browser. 
  6. Once complete, you may set up any other methods or continue to Clever. 

Article Updates 6/6/2023 by YC