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How do I check the system status of GoGuardian, Google, etc.?

GoGuardian - G Suite - Clever - Illuminate - Helpdesk -

How to Restore/Archive/Delete Google Classrooms

Please find in the link below how to perform actions within Google Classroom which include:Deleting Archiving Restoring an archived class

Kajeet SmartSpot Info & Troubleshooting

If you cannot access the Internet with your Kajeet Smartspot it may be that you have exceeded your daily data limit. Lookup your device at to check the status of your device. Troubleshooting Restart the Kajeet and Reconnect to the Verizon Network.   Each Kajeet has a Daily Us...

Can't open Google documents.

Can't open Google Docs or other Google files? Here is what is suggested: Restart your device Clear your Chrome browser's cache Clear your Chrome browser's cookies Be sure you are signed in to only your account in the Chrome browser

Monitor won't turn on.

Is your computer asleep? Try moving your mouse, clicking the mouse buttons, and/or pressing any key (space bar) on the keyboard to wake it up.  If no power light is seen on the monitor, try pressing the power button until it comes on.  Check the power cord on both ends. Make sure the end on the m...

Projector will not turn on.

If the projector does not come on when you press the power button or it shuts off unexpectedly, try the following solutions: Make sure the power cord is securely connected to the projector and to a working electrical outlet. The projector's buttons may be locked for security. Unlock the buttons ...

Google Meet Black Screen & Green Flickering Issue

If you are having issues with Google Meet giving you a black screen or giving green flickering, you can turn off "Use hardware acceleration when available" and this should help resolve the issue. This process is ONLY for Macbook users, does not apply if you are using a Chromebook. Here are the st...

Zoom Tips for Teacher

Here are some resources for Zoom tips geared toward teachers.Link to YouTube video: Article: Zoom-TipsandTricksforTeachers.pdf 437.29 KB

Zoom for Students

Here is a link to a youtube video from Zoom explaining how to download, join, use the interactive tools & best practices to take while in a zoom meeting.

Create user account on MacBook and transfer data

SCESD Staff,For direction on how to add a new user account on a MacBook,Please follow the steps outlined in the document below for the instructions. For directions on how to TRANSFER data choose which method you would like and click on the hyperlink: 1) How to transfer data/...

How to sync your Google Chrome email account

Here is the link to a video that shows you the process.

Printing: Single sided

Shortcut Print: Command + P  Select: More Settings Select: Print using system dialogue  Select: Show details Layout/Finish (Change) Print Type: One-Sided Select: "Save Current Settings as Preset..."  This will save the one-sided setting  Future print jobs: Rename the setting change  Once sav...

Save Printer Settings under 1-side or 2-side

Here is a step-by-step process on how to save your 1-sided or 2-sided preset printing setting.

Who to Contact for Different Programs

KAM: How to add the "LNG COPIER"

Kammann site ONLY. The following steps: How to add the "LNG-COPIER"

MIP: How to add the "WKRM COPIER"

Mission Park School ONLY. The following steps: How to add the "WKRM-COPIER".

How to add a Bizhub Copier

How to add a Bizhub Copier on a MacBook On your Mac, click on the Apple Logo → System Preferences → Printers & Scanners  If Padlock is closed on the bottom-left side of the panel, click on the Padlock and enter the admin credentials: Username: admin Password: doitnow  Click the Add button on...

Printing Out Clever Badges (Class Set and Individual Student)

1. Once you've logged into Clever, select Classes on the top right-hand corner2. Select your classroom3. [To print the entire class] Click on the Download Class Set of Badges button on the top right-hand side4. [To print an individual student] Scroll down and highlight the student you want to pri...

Free Microsoft Office 365 for Educators

Students and educators at eligible institutions can sign up for Office 365 Education for free.Please visit and enter in your District Email Address to create an account. Once you have created an account, you will need to download the appli...

Setting Up Your Canva Account

Setting Up Your Canva Account Our District has recently launched Canva for Education district-wide! With Canva for Education, you can create education presentations, lesson plans, worksheets, reports, posters, and more. Everyone with a District Email Address will receive all the benefits of Can...

Google Email Signature Template

To create a customized signature for your Gmail, please follow instructions in document below. Video demo will be uploaded soon (:Template: Please make a copy of the document to work on. To do so, ...

Technology Compatibility for Thinking Maps Learning Community

Thinking Maps Learning Community (TMLC) is an online resource hosted by Thinking Maps, Inc. It can be accessed from anywhere with an active Internet connection via computer, tablet, or mobile device. Bandwidth Performance of some features of TMLC will vary depending on available bandwidth, ­which...

Zoom Scheduling Privilege

Video Tutorial: privilege is designed for a user to: Assign or delegate a user or multiple users in your account to schedule meetings on your behalf.  Schedule meetings on behalf of a user (or multip...