Raptor Hardware Service Manager

Raptor Hardware Service Manager

The Raptor Hardware Service Manager is used to view the status of the system, specify printer settings, calibrate and test your scanner, register the SSL certificate and view the printer and scanner logs.

You launch it from the Installation Complete panel of the Raptor Hardware Service and Component Installer, or you can manually open it:

In the system tray, right-click the Raptor RaptorIcon icon and select Open Hardware Service.

System Tray Options (1)

Use the Status menu item in the navigation pane to display the Status Overview workspace. There should be a green check mark for each item to indicate it is properly installed and working. If there is an issue, suggestions will be provided to help resolve the issue.


From the Raptor Hardware Manager, you can:


Raptor Hardware Service Manager

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Created by Robert Ocampo, on 9/13/2022