Installing Raptor

Installing Raptor


If you are using a version of Raptor vSoft that was installed prior to May 2017 (version or earlier), you must manually uninstall all vSoft components before proceeding. Refer to Uninstall Raptor vSoft.

You install Raptor from the Raptor Support Center. Perform the following steps to access the Raptor Support Center:

  1. Open a web browser and enter the following URL:
  2. Enter the Username and click Next.Password provided to you, and then click Log in to Raptor.
  3. Enter a Password provided to you and then click LOG IN.
  4. If you have a Client Portal configured, select Support in the navigation menu and then click More Support Resources to access the Raptor Support Center. If the Client Portal is not configured, select Support.
  5. On the Raptor Support Center, click Go to Downloads. Raptor Support_Getting Started_697x281
  6. On the Getting Started screen, use one of the following methods to install Raptor:


Installing Raptor

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Created by Robert Ocampo, on 9/13/2022