Technology Compatibility for Thinking Maps Learning Community

Thinking Maps Learning Community (TMLC) is an online resource hosted by Thinking Maps, Inc. It can be accessed from anywhere with an active Internet connection via computer, tablet, or mobile device.


Performance of some features of TMLC will vary depending on available bandwidth, ­which is affected by the number of users accessing the Internet at any given time. As a general rule of thumb, Thinking Maps, Inc. advocates following the bandwidth guidelines set by the State Education Technology Directors Association. 

Desktop Support

Thinking Maps, Inc. develops new features which require browsers that support the latest JavaScript frameworks to display and operate properly.

Windows Operating System

Windows desktop systems are required to have version 8 or higher of the operating system. Below is a list of Windows compatible browsers.

Browser - Version

- Internet Explorer - Deprecated as of Dec 18, 2020

- Firefox - Latest

- Chrome - Latest

- Edge - Latest

Mac OSX Operating System

Mac desktop systems are required to have version 10.13 or higher of the operating system. Below is a list of Mac OSX compatible browsers.

Browser - Version

- Firefox - Latest

- Chrome - Latest

- Safari - 13+

Mobile Browser Support

Thinking Maps, Inc. will begin optimizing various aspects of the interface to operate with mobile devices. At this time, we will only be supporting the native browsers on the devices and operating systems listed below.

Apple IOS Tablets

Device Type - iOS Version - Tested Resolution

- iPad 5+ - 13+ - System Default

Android Devices

Due to their nature, Android device compatibility can be difficult to measure. We do our best to test the most recent versions of Android OS and support the list below using the Chrome browser.  

NOTE: The TMLC online PD modules are best viewed in iPads (latest and last version of iOS) and laptops running supported operating system and browser combinations.

Device Type - OS Version - Browser - Version

- 7in. or larger Tablets - 5+ - Chrome - Latest

Other Devices

We have also worked to optimize our site for other consumer devices to provide more convenience and flexibility to our users. See below for a list of other devices and systems that we support.

Device/System - OS Version - Browser - Version

- Chromebook/Chrome OS - latest - Chrome - latest

Support for Alternative, Obsolete, and Future Devices and Browsers

Other devices and browsers, including the native browsers on older and newer versions of the previously mentioned devices may operate incorrectly. Mobile technology is quickly changing, and Thinking Maps, Inc. makes every effort to develop our product to operate on the widest range of devices available.