GoGuardian Creating a New Classroom

Syncing to your Clever Classroom

GoGuardian provides the option to sync your GoGuardian Classroom with your Clever roster. By doing so, all rostering information will be synced from Clever rather than having to be modified by the teacher.

  1. In the pending tab, teachers will see Pending Classrooms that they can choose to Accept or Decline.
  • If "Decline" is selected, the classroom will be viewable in the "Archived" tab and may be restored at any time.
  • If "Accept" is selected, the classroom will be added to the "Active" classrooms and any fellow Teachers within that classroom will be able to see it in their account as well.

Syncing to your Google Classroom

In case your students are not in a section in Clever (after-school program), you also have the option to import a Google Classroom to GoGuardian. 

  1. Click on the Import Google Classroom button
  2. Click the reconnect your Google Account button and sign in to your Google Classroom account
  3. Select All or specific Google Classroom classes to be imported and click Import Classroom

Trouble Importing Google Classroom?

  • If the classroom is not under the Archived Tab, please reach out to any possible co-teacher and ask them to add you to their classroom.

Note: If this is for your primary class, please make sure to tie your Google Classroom to your Aeries section!!

Article Updated 9/5/23 by YC